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Hello! My name is Tomas (or Tom) and I'm a cat. I was born in December 1996 in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Ksenia is my owner. She says, that I'm very cute and funny. And I'm agree with her:)

My favorite things are:




I like to purloin toys from Ksenia's computer and play with them. I can't control mysels, they are so nice:)

And here is my little photo album.

Ksenia found this information:

The cat played a big role in Egyption religion. The female cat was dedicated to the goddess Bast and personified the beneficial heat of the sun. Its cult was practised particularly in Lower Egypt and the city of Bubaste owed its name to a temple dedicated to this goddess. The cat was considered so sacred than anyone killing one, even accidentally, was put to death. A great number of embalmed cats were found.

Wow, meow, I won my first award!!!

My page - part two

My adoptions

Rainbow Bridge

All graphics on this page made by Ksenia. Don't take it without her permission.