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In Seville at the ancient fountain
In every evening people meet
There Belle, the gipsy from the mountain
Plays her guitar and sings so sweet

The other gipsy Barnadetta
Brunette with roses as the clips
Plays graciously castanetas
With shining smile on her red lips

Antonio the best flamenco dancer
Comes to the circle with young Isabel
I think that others have no chances
They're looking great and move so well

My soul flies up to Heavens
A star gives her a magic light
I hear again these voices
Which comes from planets white

I fly through the black hole
I think it's a parallel Universe
Like leaves I tremble in the wind
I see my idol next to me

He was born King and Hero
His breath is clouds in the sky
Why wonder under downpour
And make no castle high

People usually dream a lot
Their dreams become real things
To learn to fly is the thing I want
I pray the God to give me wings