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The Parallel.

I Wish I Could Hold You In My Arms,
So You Could Feel All My Love.
A Love Which Comes From A Guardian Angel,
Who Watches Over You, From Above.
Pamela Hall


A perfect creature of the Heavens
My fair Angel, my best friend
A holy son of sacred spaces
With me again will suffer great
Ksenia R.V.

Chapter 1.

I began to come to. My body still disobeyed, but the possibility of thinking is also a very useful thing. I couldn’t completely remember what had happened with me. But it was enough to be afraid. Of course, I had something to blame myself for. Nevertheless astral and other dimensions are not playthings for such amateurs as I am. I was covered there. I don’t know what it was but feeling was terrible. I fell with incredible speed in a tunnel and couldn’t stir. And then something stunned me and I fainted.

It was quiet. It even seemed to me that I was in my own room and all this was just a dream. But it was a mistake! When at least I managed to open my eyes I understood it wasn’t my house, I could eat my hat. The furniture reminded me a medieval castle with massive stonewalls, arrow-headed windows, high ceilings and crude wooden furniture. And the man sat at the table drinking something from a quite modern glass. I couldn’t help admiring him (I mean the man). One could seldom see such a beauty: waved long fair hair falling on his shoulders, green eyes like emeralds, a little absent-minded smile, but still perfect. A white suit finished that beautiful picture.

I tried to sit up on my couch, which turned out to be a hard wooden bench, and fell a chair standing by me.

-          Thanks God, you wake, - said a handsome man. – I thought I’d have to do something.

-          What? – My tongue was able to pronounce only a short phrase.

-          The traveling wasn’t pleasant, was it? But you are brave girl! By the way, do you want some drink?

-          Yes.

Stranger’s words finally confused me. And when a glass with bubbled brown water suddenly appeared from the air in front of me I understood I was going out of my head.

-          How did you do it? – I asked my interlocutor.

-          Well, in my usual condition I can do more than a glass of Coca-Cola.

-          And who are you? – Truly speaking I was even surprised at my insolence. – And what is your usual condition?

-          I’m your Guardian Angel.

Hmm… Here I ought to faint. But I lay, so I had to limit myself with astonished glance.

-          Are you kidding me?

-          I’m quite serious.

Well, an interesting situation. I had no words. First I got up, I didn’t know, where, then it turned out that my Guardian Angel was a person quite material and quite handsome. Of course I had never had any doubts in his beauty but such a handsome man… Though he was lacking in something.

-          And where are your wings? – I interested.

-          Now there is no use in them. They are big and white and get dirty so quickly. But if you want to see them…

And then something baffled all description began. A smoky cloud appeared behind Angel’s back, and then it began to take shape and finally turned into wings. It was a particular sight: two beautiful white radiant with an unusual inside light wings gradually opened and Angel flew up. But small size of premises prevented me from admiring the beauty of his flight. But nevertheless it was fine. He made a circle under the ceiling and landed on the bench by me.

-          Do you like it? – Some boastful notes sounded in his voice.

-          Yes, really! – I went into raptures.

-          Then let’s try to analyze our situation, - suddenly he became serious. - We found ourselves, I don’t know where…

-          I thought, you know…

-          I know… hmm… A little information. It’s the first time in my durable life when I found myself in a human membrane. Truly speaking, not quite human, you’ve left my wings.

-          What do you mean: I’ve left? – This phrase amazed me.

-          And where do you think I have such an appearance? “A perfect creature of the Heavens, With two deep pools of green eyes…” I can keep on…

-          It’s enough. I remember it.

-          Don’t worry, I like this image. I can fly, make some wonders and I look quite handsome. It there anything else to dream about?

-          And how do you look usually?

-          Well, I don’t look usually. I have no body; I’m a creature who must protect your soul.

-          OK, I understand. What about me? I think everything is clear. Then we should realize where we are, how we found ourselves here and how we can return.

-          How we found ourselves here isn’t a question. You parted your soul and body and that moment it was easy to harm you. So somebody took you from our reality and you called me. You have such a habit. Strange things happened between dimensions. For instance, I’ve got a corporal image. It could be worse.

Perfect! I got a lot of troubles and moreover I involved my Angel in this story. Thanks God I imagined him a grown-up man, not a child. Can you imagine such a funny picture: me with a winged baby in my arms? I can’t.

There were a lot of questions and no answers. Where were we? Why were we there? And the principle question: how can we return? Angel knew nothing. We must do something…


 And we did: we opened the door. It’s impossible to call the picture, opened in front of us, a sight for a person with weak nerves. There was nothing there. No, there was air, sky, clouds and even some birds. But the ground was far away below. Evidently somebody, who had brought me here, didn’t want to let me leave this tower. In my turn I didn’t want to give him such a pleasure. Angel read my thoughts as his wings were already sparkling on the sun. He took me in his arms as though I was a fluff and we flew. I’ll never forget that magical sensation. Warm wind blows on your face and you feel a complete freedom…

But every flight as something good has the habit of finishing sooner or later. We landed far from the tower, which turned out to be in the forest. In principle it was difficult to call it the forest as trees grew seldom. Perhaps, it was a park…

We went quite for a long time, sometimes stopped to have some rest. As it turned out, Angel in this condition could become tired. This discovery grieved him a lot. Sometimes he flew up to observe surroundings but there were only trees and the tower, which was seen in the distance and reminded about civilization.

-          How do you think why we are here? – I asked.

-          Everything has its sense, - answered Angel.


This forest seemed to have no end. Unknown trees changed each other. Birds sang in trees’ crowns. Peaceful view, if we don’t account circumstances of our arrival.

Suddenly we heard a rustle in the distance. We went on the noise and soon saw the horse-rider. It looked as if the horse rode itself, and a man (it was just a man) dangled on its back. His clothes were torn, zone could notice bloody spots somewhere. He noticed us but was unable to do anything. Angel gave me a sight to stop and came up to the rider. The latter stretched out his hand as if he asked to help him to get off the horse. Suddenly he spoke, and we understood his speech!

-          Help… I’m wounded… I can’t reach…

-          What can’t you reach? – Angel asked.

-          Korin… Find him… Give him this…-the rider passed us something small and carefully wrapped in the cloth. – Find Korin…

-          Where can we find him?

-          Mart… Ask the shopkeeper…

He became silent. His body became soft. He was dead. It was the first time when I saw human death so near. Angel looked worried.

-          He has no Watcher, - he pronounced.

-          Why are you sure?

-          When a soul leaves its body Watcher follow it. This soul went traveling alone.

-          Do you want to say that you’re able to see the soul?

-          Is there anything amazing? It’s my job. By the way it’s necessary to examine his body and then bury, - Angel’s voice was calm. The death of this poor fellow seemed to make no impression on him. And only his eyes gave his true attitude to this incident.

-          Do you want to search the corpse? – To be honest I didn’t like that idea at all.

-          Perhaps he has something, which can help us to realize where we are.

Angel was right. We knew almost nothing about the world where the fate had left us. People populated it and we understood their speech. That’s all. Angel examined dead’s things. There were some rootlets, two daggers and a big sword with two handles. The horse looked at us with wide opened eyes as if asking what had happened with its master. I scratched it and the horse licked my hand as though it agreed to accompany us in own future journey.

-          Can you ride the horse? – I interested.

-          And how do you think? – Angel looked at me reproachfully.

-          Sorry. I always forget who you are.

-          I can’t be angry with you for a long time. And as it concerns the horse. I’ll try. Angel-rider – it sounds well.

I couldn’t help laughing. But it became really funny when we began to climb up on the horse. We wanted to do everything humanly, but… In general, finally climbed up on the horse but didn’t know what to do next. So we had to rely on our intuition. Angel slightly touched the horse and it slowly went. It’s a funny job, I should say, to learn horse’s habits.

The sun had already disappeared and we were still riding along the forest. Sometimes we heard different deaf roars but it was some beasts of pray. I was afraid. Of course I had my Guardian Angel by me but in our situation we were equal. Moreover I was terribly tired.

-          Let’s stop and snatch some rest, - I suggested. – Or I’ll fall asleep just here.

-          OK, - answered Angel. – I have no objection to have some rest. I’ve never thought it is so difficult to be a human being.

-          And I’m hungry, - I didn’t calm down.

-          I’ll try to do something.

We tied our horse to the tree and began to settle for our lodging for the night. Luckily the climate was good here and we could sleep in the open air. I finally found some time for examining my clothes. I wore a white shirt with high collar, vest and trousers from a thin black leather and high boots with laces.

Angel fanned the fire. I don’t know how he did it but he just snapped his fingers and a heap of brushwood caught fire. Then a plate with tasty smelling fired meat appeared from the air. I didn’t want to define how he did it. I began to eat. The taste was perfect. Angel didn’t fall behind me. It was his first eating and he went out of his way.

I sat leaning on the tree. Angel put his head on my knees.

-          I think it’s my fault, - I started. – Lately I’ve thought only about myself. You see, I wanted to leave.

-          Don’t say that.

-          I saw strange, terrible dreams. Parents began to pay me less attention. My friends began to shun. I felt bad but nobody noticed it. I wanted to leave everything and go away but I had no opportunity. And then I opened this ability of traveling between dimensions. Why I tell it to you? You know it as well as I do.

-          You needed to speak out, - nobody understands me like my Angel. – There is nothing to blame you for. It so happened. Parents love you. But you ain’t a child. So they speak to you like equals. Your friends have a lot of their own problems, but they’ll come at once, when you call them. And your dreams… I’ll think…

I fell in a deep sleep. And I dreamed something interesting.

Chapter 2.


We got up at the dawn, ate the rest of our supper and started. The forest gradually thinned. We came across a road in several hours.

-By the way, we didn’t examine that package, -Angel suddenly remembered.

I got the package from my pocket and unwrapped it. There was a beautiful ring. There was a big transparent stone in the center. The setting was covered with some letters. That ring radiated an incredible power.

-Hide it until anyone sees it, -advised Angel. - I think that man was killed for this ring.

-You are right.

I hid the ring and did it in time. Somebody was riding in the distance. We didn’t decide to hide. If there is a town near by, it’s better to learn what way we should take.

Soon a cart caught with us. There were several people talking there.

-Noble gentlemen go to the fare? -A smiling fat man greeted us. He lands his companions looked quite harmlessly.

-Yes, -answered Angel. -Is it far away? We are here for the first time.

-We’ll reach it to noon. You are late for an opening. It was a great holiday!

-Yes, it’s a pity.


Our occasional companions turned out to be peasants from a small village not far away. They didn’t have enough money for a hotel, that’s why they rode to the town early in the morning and returned in the night. The fat man was the head of the village. His name was Molloy. That day he brought vegetables to the town. His wife, a pretty fat woman, offered us some milk. Of course, we didn’t refuse. The milk was very tasty, Angel even asked some more. We tied our horse to the cart and sat by Molloy. The peasants looked at us with amazement.

-We see the lords, sharing the meal with poor people, -explained one of them. -And more over they are riding in the cart.

-It isn’t the most amazing thing, -Angel said.

-May we learn your names? -Asked Molloy.

-Certainly. I’m Daniel and my sister's name is Melina.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. I heard these names, and especially my brother, for the first time. Than I clearly heard Angel’s voice in my head. “Nobody must know your real name. I think Melina sounds well.” “You can read my thoughts!” “Only when it’s necessary. But if you don’t like it, I won’t do it.” “Never mind, you know everything about me.”

I asked Molloy:

-Don’t you know where I can find Korin?

-The wanderer? He should be at the fare, but where exactly… I don’t know. -Molloy shrugged his shoulders. -Ask the shopkeeper at the Peace Square, he should know.

-Thanks, Molloy. You are so kind.

-Never mind, Ms. Melina.


As Molloy said, we entered the town at noon. It was a forte, built in similar Romanian style. There were the same massive walls, thin windows and pointed roofs. The gates were widely opened, as there was the fare that day. On entering the gates, we were surprised at its magnificence. Every street had it’s own fountain, the houses were decorated with alive flowers. The salesmen, vying with each other, offered to visit their shops. Soon we fell behind Molloy and mixed with the crowd.


It was a wonderful sight. There was a performance on a high stage in the center of the square. A good-looking fellow incredibly moved in a fiery dance, an elder man played the guitar, and two girls sang. The music remembered me some Spanish melodies. I looked at them continuously, I would have kept on, if Daniel hadn’t pulled me farther. We noticed a note on the house. It announced: “The Piet’s. 3, The Peace squarer.”

-May it be that very shopkeeper Molloy told about? – Suggested I.

-May be. – Angel agreed. – Let’s come in.

It was calm and cool in the shop. The fare’s noise seemed to be left outside and to be so shy to enter. A middle-aged man sat behind the counter reading a paper. On seeing us he stopped reading and stood up.

-Can I be in any service for you? – Asked he obligingly.

-We are looking for a man named Korin, - answered Daniel. – Do you know where we can find him?

-Here is he, - the trader pointed out to the street.


-He is dancing.

We changed glances. Angel didn’t seem surprised less than me.

-We were said he is a wander.

-Wanders also need money, - Mr. Piet shrugged his shoulders. – Besides he has a talent. As his friends do. They are very nice people.

-Thank you.

I opened the door, and we went outside.

A bright sun poured over the stage; Korin didn’t seem to touch the ground. I think Daniel liked this dance too. In any case he didn’t disturb me seeing, but proposed to lift on a tuber to observe it better.

The show ended, and people started go away. At last we could approach the stage.  Korin and his friends appeared shortly. So I could observe them well. Korin himself was a very sympathetic young man. Black like a pitch hairs felt by small frizz to his shoulders, dark-brown eyes looked gaily and a little glaringly. He wore black trousers and a short vest. His companions were very good-looking people too. One of the girls, brunette, literatim irradiated joy and happiness. Her long hairs were blinded on her pate. Her eyes were laughing. She was wearing a long dark green dress. The blonde next to her seemed small and brittle. The second man belonged to that type, what women like. He was high, strong and charming.

-          If I don’t miscount, your name is Korin, - began Daniel.

-          You don’t miscount, - smiled a young man. – Can I help you?

-          We were asked to give you this, - answered I, giving him the packet.

Korin looked inside and his face became pale.

-          Who gave it to you?

-          That man didn’t introduce himself… He didn’t manage to do it. He was wounded fatal. He told we must find you and give you the packet. The last wish must be executed, - tried to explain Angel. – We buried him in a forest. We leaved his sword on the tomb. And here are his daggers.

I gave the daggers to Korin. The blonde began to cry. The second girl hugged her.

-          That man was her fiancé and my best friend, - told Korin. – Lets go, tell us, what has happened.


After some time we came to Mika’s home. Mika was the blonde. Our new acquaintances lived here between their travels. The house was big and snug. As Korin said, Mika was a member of the very rich and illustrious family. But when she refused to get married with an old rich man, the family banished her. So she had only that house. They didn’t know, that the girl had the fiancé. Her friend Nikolette on the contrary was born in a country. Some part of her earnings she sent to her little sisters. Sint, the oldest in the troupe, had traveled for many years with his guitar. Korin loved to dance since childhood. As I understood, his ancestries were illustrious people too. It’s always a big surprise when people speak with strangers openly.

We were sitting near the fireplace. I looked at the fire putting my head on Daniel’s shoulder. Nikolette brought us some drink tasted like a hot chocolate.

-          What can you say about yourself? – Asked Korin.

-          Promise that you will embrace my words seriously… - started Angel.

And he narrated all that had happened with us. But he disguised his veritable essence and our real names. “We can trust these people, but they must not know some things for the sake of themselves” – explained he.

Our collocutors listened to us silently. Then Korin told:

-          Your story is fantastic. But strange things have been taking place here recently. It’s not surprise that you emerged in the tower. The man who calls himself Magus owns it. Although magic hasn’t worked in this world for a long time. He tries to violate a balance, to possess a power. The power of the magic ring.

-          You mean that very ring we’ve given you? – I was surprised.

-          All magic of this world is confined inside it. Only certain people know its story. Many centuries ago Coordinator, tired due to the magic wars, shut inside it the huge power. The ring had been in a secret place all that time. But last winter we didn’t find it there. We, wanderers, were said to find it. Wise men defined that the ring was in Magus’s tower. But he is a very weak to make stone’s power free… May be he called you for it?

Whoops, surprise! I can make magic free… And I dislike it:

-          Why do you think so? There is no magic in our world.

-          Then how do you explain what your brother makes with the cup? – Asked Sint.

I looked at Daniel. The cup steamed in the air over his hand.

-          Telekinesis! – I let off.

-          Tele what? – Asked Nikolette.

-          Telekinesis is the human’s ability to move subjects by a thought, - Angel explained.

I looked at him reproachfully. “Never do that!” “I regret” – he smiled.

We got individual rooms on the second floor. My room was small, but cosy. There were a big bed, a mirror, a small table, and two chairs. The view was wonderful. I saw mountains in my window. And they were very beautiful.

I was in the bed when Angel opened the door.

-          Are you OK? – He asked.

-          Yeah, it’s very nice here, but I want go home.

-          If you were to say something else, I should be surprised, - Angel smiled.

-          Come in, sit down please. I should like to ask something.

He sat opposite of me. I looked at him with ravishment. He didn’t hide his angelic essence. The room was filled with amazing light. It was a wonderful picture!

-          What do you want know? - He asked.

-          Your name is Daniel? Is it true?

-           Well, it’s one of my names. And you can pronounce it without any troubles. My other names are very difficult. And now, sleep. You need rest.

I closed my eyes. But I was very stirred. Why we are here? How can we go home? And what will be next?

Chapter 3.

I woke up early. The sun got up just now from horizon. Birds were singing. Daniel slept in my bed. I think he didn’t want leave me alone. I put on my clothes. Angel looked very sweet, so I didn’t disturb him. I opened the door and got out the room. I felt a very yummy smell and found the kitchen soon. Nikolette broiled something with a big pan. That thing sizzled, blathered and smelled wonderful.

-          Hi! – I tell. – Can I help you?

-          Thanks, but I finished, - Nikolette answered. – But if you wish, you can help me with a set. They are in the box.

-          How is Mika?

-          She looks not so bad, - sighed the girl. – But her heart is broken.

Well, I think it’s very hard to lose a dear man. I put in order the plates quietly. Then Sint attached himself to us. He said that only Coordinator could help us. And nobody else can. I asked to tell about him.

-          That story is very long and maze, - Sint started. Angel came in the kitchen that moment. He sat next to me and Sint continued his story. – Nobody knows where he came from to this world. He was always from the Foundation day.

-          Did he create this world? – Daniel asked.

-          As I know he didn’t. But they tell that Creator brought him to us. Coordinator is your only hope.

-          How we can see him?

-          Let’s go together. We must bring back the ring. You will ask to send you home.

Korin brought Mika. She looked like a ghost. Evidently she cried all the night. Then Daniel took her hand and said:

-          You’ll meet him. It will be in future. But now you must live. And you must do all that he didn’t manage.

-          Are you sure I’ll meet him? – Mika asked and her voice was happier then before.

-          Of course! You must believe in it.

After Angel’s words Mika consented to eat. “You’re a wizard!” – I thought. “Don’t think so, - Daniel answered mentally. – Every good angel can calm a man. It’s more difficult to make it by words.” But he looked like a cat that ate a lot of sour cream.


I measured a dress, which Nikolett gave me when Angel came into the room. He said:

-          Can you imagine, I saw a dream.

-          Big deal! – I responded scrutinizing myself in a mirror.

-          I never saw dreams. Of course, I saw your dreams but not my own. Last night I slept like a dead. Today I saw a dream.

-          What did you see?

-          I’m standing on a mountain high. There is a sea and sharp stones at the bottom. Suddenly somebody pushed me. I’m falling and understand that I have no wings. I’m very afraid. I don’t know where are you and what has happened with you. Then I hear your voice. You tell: “I’m here, I’m with you”. I feel my wings again and lift up.

-          Hmm… What a strange dream!

I found Korin in the fireplace room. He sat in a chair. Now he looked like a boy although he’s about five years older than me. A book lay on his knee and he read it with enthusiasm.  It was a big ancient tome. A book-jacket was shabby in some places but I saw that the book was very beautiful in the time of its youth. Korin observed me not at once.

-          What do you read? – I asked.

-          Poetry, - Korin answered shortly.

It was strange to hear such answer. After all that I knew about this world and Korin, I thought he must read legends about Coordinator. But poetry…

-          In hard moments poetry supports me, - youth explained looking at my surprised face.

-          Read something for me, - I asked.

-          Well here is my favorite:

People usually dream a lot
Their dreams become real things
To learn to fly is the thing I want
I pray the World to give me wings.

-          It’s really wonderful. But I think I heard it long time ago in my world.

-          They say stories can travel between the worlds, - Korin smiled mysteriously. – May be poems can too?

Not only poems can travel between the worlds. People can too. And angels can. But Korin mustn’t know it. I sat in the chair next to him and looked in the book. It was manuscript. The font was florid and very beautiful.

-          Can you imagine what will be with you if you’ll never come home? – Korin asked unawares.

-          I don’t want to think about it. We know nothing here. We’re aliens here. And I’m afraid.

-          I’ll do everything for you, - he took my hand. – You can trust me.

-          Thanks.



-------It's not the end. Welcome back to read the continuation. Russian version is ready.-----




"The Parallel" is my own novell. All rights reserved.
Copyright© Ksenia R. Valioulova

Background was created by me. I used the masterpiece by Rowena Morrill.