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"I'll be thinking of you every time I see the moon"

One more time she looked in the mirror. The dress set ideally, the coiffure was wonderful. The mask hid her face. They made a masquerade in the castle on the hill today. It was the reason to go out.

So she was in the foyer. She heard a beautiful melody. Guests started to come in. Their faces were hidden by masks too. She sat in the chair. She came here to see people. Someones greeted her, thinking they know her. She smiled them warmly. They knew nothing. Girls coqueted with gentlemen, in hope nobody know who they are.The monotony peeved her. Even so she came here to have fun. She took the glass of red wine from the salver and said loudly:

- Ladies and gentlemen, I have a toast. To our success!

One of the gentlemen supported her. He said the toast too, and the saloon filled by the ring of the crystal wineglasses. She wanted to dance. The same young man invited her for the waltz. It seemed he read her thoughts. They spun in the dance till the total exhaustion. Tired, she fell in the chair. He brought her another one wineglass. His words were sweet and beautiful. She smiled and hid the face with the fan. Then they danced again. And all the world meant nothing.

- I think I drank a lot, - she said.

- Oh, no, - he smiled. - Only two glasses.

- Then it's the atmosphere of the holiday, - she looked into his eyes. - I don't want dance anymore. Let's go to the balcony.

She liked him very much. It seemed they know each other during the millenium.

The view from the balcony was fantastic. The trees in the garden bloomed. Stars were especially bright. But the moon... The moon was full and white like milk. Enchanted they looked at the sky. Suddenly she asked:

- Will you give me this moon?

- Sure, - he said. - Now it's your own moon. Like a cat she will drink milk from your hands.

She wanted to say something good when she heard the vioce in her head: "We need you." Oh no, not now, she thought. But...

- I have to go. You know I was glad to meet you. I will never forget this evening.

- I'll miss you much, - he answered. - Please, tell me your name.

- Kleo..., - she whispered and went out. But she heard his name - Key.


She'll never meet him again... So sorry...

Kleo bestired and beceme herself. An angel. She corrected the halo, spread her wings and flied to Heaven. She didn't see he watched her flight. She didn't know he had wings too. But his wings were black as night.


Inspired by online masquerade. Copyrightę2001