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The Christianity gift.

There, where the daydreams see the light,
Where stand the ships of fantasy,
There, where they  forgot about teardrops
He walked and didn’t touch the ground…

  Where I found you,
When I bound you,
How I signed you,
Like the master
I’ve learned to love…


He wandered about the city’s streets and looked for somebody.Only the fate knew whom. He lived far thence, in another country. But when the chance appeared, he came back here. People recognized him, asked for the autograph. He knew it’s the charge of popularity, so he refused nobody. He was a famous person. His voice captivated the listeners, abysmal green eyes compelled to forget about everything. But he didn’t take  any notice to it. He was just searching. He was searching that singular girl, who he could call his best disciple, who stood fearless by him in the last battle. It happened very long ago. It happened in another world… He was looking for me…


  I don’t retain, who I was before meeting with Coordinator. It doesn’t matter. He had given me all I had. He replaced my parents. I was his child, his disciple. He called me the Light Warrior. I liked that name. He opened my abilities. You don’t know, what it means to keep alive fire in your hands and sense no pain. You will never be able to enjoy a real flight.  The space and time submitted to me. I watched my own world from a mischief. Coordinator headed me. He possessed the juvenile’s look and the old man’s wisdom. He was deathless. A calm reigned around us. Laon’s people never bickered. We had never heard about the lie. People were beautiful and beneficent. 

  And once the thing, that Coordinator was so afraid of, happened. The dark came down on our world. We didn’t know where it came from and how it’s bad. We just fought. But strengths were not equal. The people became embittered.

  The time of last battle arrived.  We fought bravely. My friends died in the my face. At once I saw the light. This light dispersed the dark, wiped it out. It was Coordinator. I realized he could do it only donating the immortality. But every minute he became weaker and weaker. And I gave him all my energy. And we won…

  I opened the eyes and saw a starry night. Insufferable pain pierced my body. I realized that I was in Coordinator’s arms and he carried me somewhere. He spoke and I understood that we parted.

-          Bear a little, Lin, I’ll dispatch you to another world and you’ll forget about all your torments.

-          It means I’ll forget about you too?

-          Yes. But the time will come and we’ll fall in with.


On a frosty december day I walked along New Arbat observing the showcases. I needed to buy a lot of Christianity gifts for my family and friends. I thought about exams, about beautiful boys, about the black dress by CK… I’m only 19, ladies and gentlemen. Thus I didn’t see at once the man following me. But when I saw him… Christ, this is… Indeed such lion strolls here, in Moscow?… Our eyes met. I recognized this eyewink. And I remembered everything: Laon, the battle, the win. And our last talk.

-          Hi, Lin, how are you?

-          Perfectly,- answered I.

He hugged me. I know, we’ll be together through and through. My heart feels it.