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The Dialogue.

I came for it.
I was made for it.
Iím not an aim Ė Iím a remedy.
Iím a guardian.

ďMythĒ by G.Dikiy

- Do you know what is Love?

- Donít think about it now.

- Please, please, tell me. Itís happened with me in the first time.

- Good. Remember, your first feelings to Him arenít Love. You can call them attachment and tenderness. Some time later your regards will be stronger. But you can tell about real love only in that moment when youíll feel that heís ready for any sacrifice for your sake.

- And what about you? Do you love Her?

- Sure. Sheís my ray of light.

- Why your eyewink is so tearful?

- Yesterday She met a guy. But he doesnít see all her clarity. And it makes me sad.

- You made Her suchÖ beautiful?

- No, I didnít. Every human creates himself, like an artist who draws a picture. Weíre only brushes. And we must endeavor.

- You take pride in Her. You know, I want be like you.

- Believe me, Iím not an ideal.

- But She loves you!

- Hurry up! Your time will come soon.

- You must teach meÖ

- Then listen: nobody never must stay between you and Him.

- Is it all?

- The baby will be born now. Go!

He looked at the little girl in a long white dress. She sang a lullaby. She has got a sacred mission just now. The mission of Guardian Angel.


P. S. Please forgive my mistakes in English:)



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