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My name is Ksenia (or Kleo, my favorite nickname) and I'm the webmistress of this site. Now you see the 6th version of my homepage, Ksenia's Place. Making this design I used the brilliant art work by Johanna Pieterman titled "Lyonesse". I just love this painting! Visit Johannas site to see more of her works.

I hope you will enjoy my pages. I worked hard with them. Please don't forget to leave your comments in my guestbook.

Well, what you can find here? I have 5 sections:

Me - everything about me, stats, online memberships, my small collection of adopted pets, also the page about my cat, etc, etc...
- here I placed my own literary works. You can read my short stories and some poetry.
- here are my photo galleries, some travel stories. Also I included the gallery of my own art works.
- some info about my favorite artists and projects.
- gifts from my friends, awards this site received, rings, links, guestbook...

Also you can visit my other sites:

Girl Power - dedicated to Outer Senshi from Sailor Moon anime
Armand's Room - dedicated to Armand, one of the main characters of Anne Rice's Vampires Chronicles
Immortal Beauty - dedicated to Pandora, my second favorite character from VC 
Proud to be Leo - join my ring, if your sign is Leo
The Parallel - site with my writings and art works, in Russian  

Updated (March 02, 2004): Nothing really new, have just joined some Fanlistings.

Layout and content Ksenia R. Valioulova
"Lyonesse" Johanna Pieterman