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This is the second version of my diary. The first one was on DiaryLand, but they deleted it. I think it's because I didn't write there often.

Well, this one is completely mine. So you can read my daily thoughts if you wish.

Ah, yes, I drew the title picture myself.

Content: Right now:
~June 19, 2003
Tomorrow I have to pass my diploma. It's ready, but I'm afraid...

~June 7, 2003
Hmm, didn't write here since last month... Well, I have tonnes of work with my diploma... But I do everything but diploma. For example look at Pam:)

I draw her all by myself.
Also one week ago here was the Vampire Masquerade, The Ball of Initiated. You can find my photo report in the galleries.

Join me - HIM

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice

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